• You definitely should have a try. 你应该尝试的世界上最好吃的梨之一
  • limited time only, seasonal fruits
  • grown in Oregon’s Rogue River Valley
  • picked at the peak of ripeness and then given extra time in code conditions
  • it’s literally the sweetest and creamiest in the world,入口即化,香甜多汁
  • you definitely should have a try

Background of the holiday pear:

 First cultivated in the mid-1800s near Angers, France, it’s known properly as the Comice pear. They came to the United States in the 1850s to Hood River Valley, Oregon. This area has the perfect climate for growing pears with its rich, volcanic soil, glacial springs, cool nights, and warm days. All of these good growing ingredients make these wonderful pears that hail from deep in the heart of Hood River Valley the best eating pear. 


By The Last Human Annotator

The Last Human Annotator

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